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enchanted-place My dances

The dances marked with an asterisk (*) can be found on the CD ‘Old World – New Dances’

music-of-time My dances

The dances shown in red can be found on the CD ‘An Enchanted Place’ played by Masquerade.

cd-enchanted-place My dances

The books and CD can be ordered from Folk Sales (in the U.K.) and AADS (in the E.U.)

Several of my dances (indicated by §) have been filmed and placed on YouTube. By far the best are danced by the superb French group Chestnut. Follow the link to see these films.

An Enchanted Place

An Enchanted Place * §
Aunt Kit’s Reel §
Enrichez Vous * §
Hypothetically Murdered
The Hunt *
Jubilee Rant
The Little Tinkers
Nicky’s Reel
No More Twist
Pearl River
Play to Win §
NVS Double Five
Silver September
3 x 20 bars
Vintage ’38 §
X Marks the Spot
X Marks another Spot
Dance adaptations:
Minor to Major 2
The Old Man of Cambridge
Rowena’s Night Out
Two Winds
Tythe Pig 2

Dance to the Music of Time

Aunt Kit’s Reel 2 §
Best Intentions
Bosbeek Christmas Mixer
Dance to the Music of Time §
De Kleine Aarde
Exwood United
In Stitches
Monet’s Garden
Robin’s Bonhommy
Sense and Simplicity
Seventeen Rolls of Peppermint
Shell House by the Lake
Theo Driessen Square
The Thoughtful Spot
Dance adaptations:
Bep’s Favourite
Guardian Angels
Maiden Lane
Shepherd’s Daughter
Extra Dances and Errata
Levi’s Jig
Goldberg Romp
The Dancing Chancellor
Golden Lime